Final webinar

BONUS BASMATI – Supporting Maritime Spatial Planning with Science

The final dissemination activities of the BONUS BASMATI project consist of three main products – all presented with the overall title ‘Supporting Maritime Spatial Planning with Science’. The main products summarising the project outcomes are:

The BONUS BASMATI summary video

The BONUS BASMATI summary report

The BONUS BASMATI final seminar

The final seminar was organised as a forenoon online webinar on Wednesday, the 9th of September, 2020. The webinar presentations and further online material are listed below.

Welcome words

Concepts and approaches

Framework for sustainability impact assessment of plan proposals

Assessment of ecosystem services and values of marine protected areas

Data harmonisation to facilitate planning across borders and scales

Involving stakeholders – Why, Who, When and How?

Platforms and tools for MSP

Baltic Explorer – collaborative GIS approach for new interactive MSP

SPACEA – a GIS toolbox to facilitate easy spatial and environmental suitability analysis

ESA4MSP – an ecosystem service assessment tool

MYTILUS – a toolset for assessing the impacts of maritime activities

SEANERGY – a tool for analysing conflicts and synergies between different marine uses

Closing words