PhD courses

During the three-year project period, BONUS BASMATI will arrange two PhD courses. The first course on spatial decision-support systems will be arranged together by Aalborg University and IOW in 2018, and the second course on MSP will be arranged by Turku University in 2019. The contents of the courses will be generic scientifically, and thus attractive to a broader audience within MSP and spatial decision-support systems, but the examples and experiences will be based on the Baltic Sea Region.

PhD course on MSP

Maritime Spatial Planning processes in Baltic Sea countries – PhD course (5 ECTS) The University of Turku and the BONUS BASMATI project will jointly arrange a 5 ECTS PhD level course in Turku, Finland. The course will focus on the evaluation of the ongoing national and international maritime spatial planning…

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PhD course on SDSS

Spatial Decision Support Systems for Maritime Spatial Planning Maritime Spatial Planning is a complicated process balancing different uses of the sea without making severe impacts on the environment. The aim of this PhD course is to introduce the PhD students to various methodologies for spatial decisions support, give them an…

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