D.7.1 Communication and dissemination plan
D.5.1 Report on user requirements for Spatial Decision Support Systems in MSP
D.6.1 Specifications of requirements on data and modelling needs
D.7.2 Public information package – brochures, web pages, social media presence
D.6.2 Specifications for case study designs
D.2.1 Journal Manuscript: overview article assessing the strengths and weakness of current MSP governance structures and new and innovative governance approaches and tools available for facilitating stakeholder involvement and deliberation
D.5.2 State-of-the-art report on multi-channel map applications
D.4.1 Report from end user workshops on planners needs in relation to framework design and indicator characteristics
D.3.1 Requirements for data to be used in marine spatial planning
D.7.3 PhD course on Spatial Decision Support Systems
D.2.2 Thematic Scoping/Vision Document: report outlining the main conflict and potential synergy areas in cross-border MSP
D.4.2 Journal manuscript on adaptation of impact assessment frameworks to ecosystem-based marine spatial planning
D.5.3 Baltic Explorer web-map and multi-touch application prototype
D.3.2 Database including spatial data on ecosystem services and (anthropogenic) pressures
D.4.3 A framework for sustainability assessment of maritime spatial plans
D.7.4 PhD course on Maritime Spatial Planning processes in Baltic Sea countries