The BONUS BASMATI project focuses on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and marine and coastal ecosystem services. It analyses governance systems in the Baltic Sea region in order to develop a transnational model for MSP. A major outcome will be a MSP tool called Baltic Explorer. It is a spatial decision-support system designed to support the MSP process around the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Explorer facilitates broad access to information. It helps planners and stakeholders to overcome the challenges of MSP, such as transboundary and cross-border planning and comprehensive mapping and management of ecosystem services. The tool will be developed with the help of its end-users and it will be tested in three BONUS BASMATI case studies. Cross-border collaboration and stakeholder involvement play a crucial role in the project.


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PhD course on SDSS

Start date: 20.08.2018

End date: 22.08.2018

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Spatial Decision Support Systems for Maritime Spatial Planning

Maritime Spatial Planning is a complicated process balancing different uses of the sea without making severe impacts on the environment. The aim of this PhD course is to introduce the PhD students to various methodologies for spatial decisions support, give them an overview of existing systems, and discuss relevant evaluation criteria and decision alternatives in the context of maritime spatial planning. The PhD course is closely related to the BONUS BASMATI research project, and will include experiences and preliminary results from the project.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to spatial decision support systems
  • Evaluation criteria and decision alternatives
  • Data handling and quality assessment
  • Weighting methods
  • Sensitivity analysis in multi-criteria decision making
  • Location and allocation problems using multiple criteria analysis
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Knowledge about appropriate software
  • The role of decision support systems in maritime spatial planning
  • Cumulative impact assessment
  • Case studies – feedback on students work

Organizer: Prof. Henning Sten Hansen (AAU) & Senior researcher Kerstin Schiele (IOW) Germany

Futher information and registration are available here:

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