Peer-reviewed journal acticles

Moodie JR, Kull M, Morf A, Schrøder L, Giacometti A, 2019. Challenges and enablers for transboundary integration in MSP: Practical experiences from the Baltic Scope project. Ocean & Coastal Management 177, 1–21.
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Morf A, Moodie J, Gee K, Giacometti A, Kull M, Piwowarczyk J, Schiele K, Zaucha J, Kellecioglu I, Luttmann A, Strand H, 2019. Towards sustainability of marine governance: Challenges and enablers for stakeholder integration in transboundary marine spatial planning in the Baltic Sea. Ocean & Coastal Management 177, 200–212.
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Conference abstracts

Holzhüter W, Luhtala H, Schiele K, 2019. How to harmonise data and metadata for Marine Spatial Planning. EGU General Assembly 2019. Vienna, Austria.

Viška M, Strāķe S, Puriņa I, 2018. Development of ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning decision support system for the marine protected areas designation process. IMDIS 2018. Barcelona, Spain. (Poster)

von Thenen M, Maar M, Schiele K, Hansen HS, 2018. Modelling ecosystem services provided by mussel farms in the south-western Baltic Sea. European ESP Conference. San Sebastian, Spain.