Project meeting, spring 2019

Start date: 08.05.2019
End date: 10.05.2019
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Turku, Finland
Project meetings

The fourth biannual project meeting was organised during the same week as the second BONUS BASMATI PhD course. The two events shared a common day as both the PhD students and the project partners spend an interesting and enjoyable day at a mini cruise in the Finnish archipelago. In the first half of the trip, between Turku and Mariehamn, students presented their group work results to the project partners. In addition, UTU presented preliminary results from the Pan-Baltic case study on stakeholder involvement, and the project coordinator challenged the students to discuss the role of science in the MSP process. On the way back from Mariehamn, Nordregio held a session on transboundary collaboration for multidimensional integration in MSP.

The rest of the project meeting was held at the premises of the University of Turku (UTU), Finland. The two days included presentations and discussions on the progress and future plans of the work packages and the latest news on the Baltic Explorer tool. Attention was also given to important dissemination and management activities.

Photo: Meeli Roose
Photo: Meeli Roose