BONUS BASMATI final seminar

Date: 09.09.2020
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Online webinar
Project meetings

BONUS BASMATI – Supporting Maritime Spatial Planning with Science

The BONUS BASMATI final seminar was organised fully online. A forenoon webinar summarised the main findings of the project. The recordings of the webinar presentations and a series of other online material are found here:

Download the flyer of the event here (in pdf).

Schedule (in Central European Summer Time, CEST)

10:00 Welcome
• Henning Sten Hansen (AAU) & Harri Tolvanen (UTU): BONUS BASMATI – Supporting
Maritime Spatial Planning with Science

10:15 Concepts and approaches
• Pia Frederiksen (AU): Framework for sustainability impact assessment of plan proposals
• Solvita Strake/Kristine Pakalniete (LIAE): Assessment of Ecosystem Services and Values of
Marine Protected Areas
• Kerstin Schiele/Lotta Maack (IOW): Data harmonisation to facilitate planning across borders
and scales
• Søren Qvist Eliasen/Andrea Morf (Nordregio): Involving stakeholders – Why, Who, When and

11:15 Platforms and tools for MSP
• Juha Oksanen & FGI team (NLS): Baltic Explorer – Collaborative GIS approach for new
interactive MSP
• Miriam von Thenen (IOW): SPACEA – a GIS toolbox to facilitate easy spatial and
environmental suitability analysis
• Aurelija Armoskaite (LIAE): ESA4MSP – an ecosystem service assessment tool
• Henning Sten Hansen (AAU): MYTILUS – a toolset for assessing the impacts of maritime
• Ida Maria Bonnevie (AAU): SEANERGY – a tool for analysing conflicts and synergies
between different marine uses

12.15 End of conference
• Lise Schrøder (AAU): Wrap-up
• Henning Sten Hansen (AAU): Final remarks